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eFORMz API URL Parameters

eFORMz can be called as a web service. We loosely refer to eFORMz calling itself as the eFORMz API (Application Programming Interface). For more details, view the following posts:

eFORMz API (Called as a Web Service)
eFORMz API .NET Web Service Call

Below are all the options available for a web request call URL.

base URL https://localhost:8000/servlet/com.minisoft.AppServer.AppServer
Parameter to AppServer ?APP=com.minisoft.eformz.eFORMzApp
Decide how to process
Service Type &director
Service Type &output
&config=configuration file  name
Parameters for DirectorService
Service Type &director
which host &Host=localhost
Authentication for director &User=minisoft
Toolkit file *
Must be started with -ac parameter
Queue name in toolkit file &QueueName=Accessible
File name for POSTed data &NameTemplate=data_.xml
Wake a sleeping queue &ProcessData=true
Parameters for OutputService
Service Type &output
Project Name &project
Project Key &projectkey
Output Format &format
Pages &pages
Start Page &startpage
End Page &endpage
Other parameters *
Data File Name &datafile
Service Type can be
Director director
Output output
&project String
&projectkey String
&format String
&datafile String
&pages PageRangeSelection
&startpage Int (1)
&endpage Int (999999)
&ProcessData Boolean
&Sync Boolean
PageRangeSelection can be all( “All pages” ),
current( “Current pages” ),
rangeFromStart( “Page Range (from start)” ),
rangeFromEnd(“Page Range (from end)” ),
obsolete0( “Page Range (from end )” )

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