Barska Hits a Bullseye by Drop Shipping with DuplexPackSlip Labels

Location – Pomona, California
ERP/WMS Software – Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
Shipping Software – Lanham e-Ship
Use Case –
• Streamline order fulfillment process
• Dynamically generate over 20 unique packing lists for drop shipping to retail partners

The Challenge

Barska, a leading supplier of precision sport optics, riflescopes, and binoculars, had a challenge with their fulfillment process. They needed to generate over 20 different packing lists as required by their drop ship retail partners, but their fulfillment process wasn’t hitting the mark. After all, every order they shipped featured a traditional plastic pouch and thermal shipping label. The packing list was generated on a laser printer and manually matched to the shipping label. Once matched, the packing list was folded and placed in the plastic pouch, which was manually affixed to every package. The shipping label generated off the thermal printer was applied next to the pouch on the package.

By implementing DuplexPackSlip labels, we no longer have the wrong packing list going out with the wrong package, and we saved 27% on the labor cost to fulfill orders.

Mark Goh

VP Supply Chain, Barska

The Solution

After researching process improvement solutions, Barska selected Minisoft eFORMz and the DuplexPackSlip® labeling solution to streamline their shipping and fulfillment process. eFORMz would be used for the label formatting and packing list generation. Likewise, eFORMz would capture the packing list output and the shipping label output, which would then be merged and placed on the DuplexPackSlip labels.

DuplexPackSlip labels are unique two-sided multi-use labels that incorporate the shipping label and the packing list on the front and back of a single label. Barska prints their DuplexPackSlip labels on a two-sided Toshiba DB-EA4D thermal printer.

Barska achieved several business benefits with the DuplexPackSlip labels

1 Printer

They eliminated the laser printers that printed their packing lists. The 2-sided thermal printers printed their packing list on the back side of the DuplexPackSlip label.

Saved Money

They got rid of the plastic pouch, as the packing list that printed on the laser printer was now printed on the back of the DuplexPackSlip labels. This saved them money on labor and consumables.


Order Accuracy

They stopped manually matching packing lists with shipping labels. The shipping label and packing list printed together on the same label, so Barska achieved a 100% order match.

Easier Process

eFORMz printed the appropriate packing list automatically. Warehouse packers could now simply peel and apply the label knowing that the correct packing list was on the back of each label.

Integration with the Barska Dynamics NAV 2013 system and Lanham e-Ship shipping solution

The first step is to capture the shipping label generated out of the Lanham e-Ship shipping solution and place it into a certain directory using a port monitor. Once a shipping label appeares in this directory, eFORMz takes this shipping label and passes it into a main project. The second step is to integrate with the Barska Dynamics NAV system. Barska provides a view in the NAV database and it is queried based on the tracking number from the shipping label.

The main project extracts the tracking number from the label and makes an SQL query to the database. The retrieved information is used to generate the packing slip. The shipping label and newly generated packing slip are then duplexed and sent to the Toshiba DB-EA4D.

Generating Drop Ship Packing Lists

Barska had the requirement to generate over 20 different packing lists for their various drop ship retail partners including Amazon, Dicks Sporting Goods, Sears and Walmart. The customer number specifies which retail packing list eFORMz should generate and place on the back of the DuplexPackSlip label.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is Barska was able to eliminate their plastic pouch and laser print output through the use of the DuplexPackSlip label, streamlining their business process, saving money and providing 100% order match on all of their shipments.